@dranzino: #Socialjusticeis Realizing that we are one world and that we must care for each other to make it better.

@laurenranzino: #socialjusticeis opening our eyes to the needs around us and using the gifts & talents we have to make a difference towards them

@thelovealliance: #Socialjusticeis Feeding the homeless. Helping the poor. Loving the unloved.

@HadeSmith: #socialjusticeis remembering your not the only one in this vast planet.

@SeniOnDaEdge: #socialjusticeis building a church in the projects.

@SeniOnDaEdge: #socialjusticeis restoring hope to the hopeless and broken.

@tarahcaldwell: #socialjusticeis remembering that it's not about you.

@kylemc007: #socialjusticeis giving selflessly

@officialdjx: #socialjusticeis remembering there's people in the world with bigger problems. #socialjustice is being grateful for what I have

@paconthemic: #socialjusticeis what you make it

@dranzino: #Socialjusticeis Helping people without strings attached like the "good Samaritan."

@SeniOnDaEdge: #socialjusticeis tipping more than $2 to your #wafflehouse waitress.

@SeniOnDaEdge: #socialjusticeis giving with a cheerful heart, and THAT'S BIBLE!!

@SeniOnDaEdge: #socialjusticeis living below your means in order to help others!

@rcacs: #Socialjusticeis seein beyond our differences & helpin everybody eveywhere no matter what

@rcacs: #Socialjusticeis long overdue

@IAmJaeRae: #SocialJusticeIs accepting people for the content of their character & not the color of their skin

@laurenranzino: #socialjusticeis giving a voice to the voiceless, speaking up for those who cannot defend themselves.

@paconthemic: #socialjusticeis using your God given talents/resources to help the community, not keep it in bondage.

@officialdjx: #Socialjusticeis equal rights no matter sex, sexual orientation, race, age, or religion

@dranzino: #Socialjusticeis not just responding to the symptoms but addressing the root causes.

@WhatzUrPlan: @officialdjx #socialjusticeis Teaching a man to fish, so that he may for a lifetime instead of just a day

@thelovealliance: #Socialjusticeis giving a voice to the oppressed.

@Yvette88: @officaildjx #socialjusticeis when everyone takes their part to ensure great living for all humanity, no matter where you are born...

@tarahcaldwell: #socialjusticeis taking action for something you believe in, not next week, not in a few days, not tomorrow, but today!

@lranzino: #socialjusticeis - doing anything to help make a positive impact on this world.

@SeniOnDaEdge: #socialjusticeis living out the words to Michael Jacksons "We are the World"

@tarahcaldwell: #socialjusticeis not just talking the talk. truly meaning every thing you say.

@paconthemic: @TarahCaldwell do something good for someone this week instead #socialjusticeis helping out when your free

@paconthemic: #socialjusticeis giving out hugs

@officialdjx: #socialjusticeis not judging those you view as the "other"

@chinaealexander: #socialjusticeis not only saying, but DOING the things that will change our world, our hearts, and our future.

@LaineeJudd: #socialjusticeis Loving everybody, no matter what. That means, UNCONDITIONALLY!

@cashhollistah: @officialdjx #socialjusticeis is best WALKED out instead of merely talked about. #WORK

@officialdjx: #socialjusticeis not pointing fingers when problems arise but taking ownership to find a solution

@KatrinaQuigley: @officialdjx #socialjusticeis Standing up for those who cannot stand up for themselves.

@SeniOnDaEdge: #socialjusticeis making lemonade out of lemons and then setting up a stand and giving it away for free!

@natepoekert: #SocialJusticeIs bringing to the light issues, cruelty and inhumane treatments that live in the dark.

@Twixmixy: #socialjusticeis not just throwing money at the problem @officialdjx

@Laurasamplonius: #socialjusticeis nothing without Jesus.

@aadamkey: #socialjusticeis knowing that all humans deserve a fair chance at a good life just because their special reason

@laurenranzino: #socialjusticeis using what we have and love to do to make a difference towards the needs in the world around us

@masonaspencer: #socialjusticeis treating others as you would want them to treat you. The Golden Rule!

@SeniOnDaEdge: #socialjusticeis making your neighborhood your own "Calcutta" and leaving a legacy like Mother Theresa.

@neatoawesome: #socialjusticeis making this world a better place to live in/on,
equitably establishing a common ground for those who may feel less lucky :)

@WhatzUrPlan: @officialdjx #socialjusticeis caring for the widows, orphans and aged

@HadeSmith: #socialjusticeis doing what is spiritually and morally right for people who have been placed in less fortunate situations.

@paconthemic: #wakemeupwhen we can say #socialjusticeis a reality

@AbbeyFaris: #socialjusticeis advocating on behalf of the forgotten, cast out and invisibles of our society.

@TheMattMorgan: #socialjusticeis something we shouldn't long for, but rather, something we experience now.
Fair treatment for you, for me, for all of us!

@officialdjx: So real! Gotta get off your couch & put words to action. RT @Twixmixy: #socialjusticeis inconvenient @officialdjx

@WhatzUrPlan: @officialdjx social justice is our responsibility. #socialjusticeis

@WhatzUrPlan: @officialdjx Freedom has rights & responsibilities. #socialjusticeis

@Twixmixy: #socialjusticeis inconvenient @officialdjx

@WhatzUrPlan: @officialdjx As members of society, each of us is culpable for social justice. #socialjusticeis

@Twixmixy: #socialjusticeis equality @officialdjx

@dranzino: #Socialjusticeis the right and fair treatment of all people throughout society.

@thelovealliance: #Socialjusticeis As simple as doing what's right. Justice is justice and its waters flow clear through every heart.

@Sareece: @officialdjx #socialjusticeis overcoming the norms you were born into out of love for the fellow man you may never meet

@rcacs: #socialjusticeis equal rights and opportunities for everyone

@officialdjx: #socialjusticeis freedom

@Jubileemusic: #socialjusticeis is the ONLY way.

@Jubileemusic: #socialjusticeis slowly becoming reality.

@Jubileemusic: @officialdjx #socialjusticeis righting the wrongs of the world.

@MockStarApparel: #socialjusticeis hope... and future.

@MockStarApparel: #socialjusticeis something that should be priority in our hearts and lives.

@MockStarApparel: #socialjusticeis easy to fight for.

@fellowbliss: #socialjusticeis Standing up for what is right.

@fellowbliss: #socialjusticeis Needed.

@theslim: #socialjusticeis right.

@theslim: #socialjusticeis good.

@theslim: #socialjusticeis fair.

@SeniOnDaEdge: Atleast I have my own bed to sleep on each night- that's what #socialjusticeis

@Ladyludi: #socialjusticeis Keep the school open so our kids have a better chance

@SeniOnDaEdge: #socialjusticeis each one teach one: Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.
Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

@SeniOnDaEdge: #socialjusticeis is LOVE used as an action word, personified, demonstrated, distributed to all regardless of social standing.

@paconthemic: #socialjusticeis EVERYONE doing what they can where they are with what they have in order to help the less fortunate.


Ichthus Festival- Wilmore, KY

Serving everyone like they’re your brother and sister.

Remembering those less fortunate than yourself.

Acceptance and tolerance.

Reaching out to the hurt, in any situation.

Reaching out with a helpful hand.

Using your feet and hands to share Gods love to all people.

Bringing the Kingdom of God to Earth.

Helping with anything and love.

Leveraging your Resources (money, Power, skills, voice) for those without.

Treating everyone with Equality.

Standing up for the voiceless.

Giving love and respect to those you may not like.

“Christian” means “little Christian” we should be showing love!

Defending detrimental events to human life.

Doing what's right thru God and expecting nothing in return.

Those who oppress the poor insult their maker, but helping the poor honors him.

Serving everyone in need as if you were Christ himself.


Giving a voice to the voiceless.

Love – Compassion helping and loving others no matter what your friend may think or say.

Fighting for those who feel there is no love left.

Social justice is truly embracing God by embracing one another.

Loving God.

Social justice is embracing freedom.

Remembering to help others who need it.

Remembering the Forgotten.

Remembering that Jesus is found in everybody no matter how small they may be.

Unconditional love.

Giving Strength to the weak.

Alive Festival - Mineral City, OH

People giving a voice to the voiceless

Looking out for those who cant look out for themselves

Justice is what love looks like in public – Dr. Cornell West

Social Justice to me is equality and iniquity – along with the intelligence and courage to speak one’s mind

Teaching. Learning. Loving.

You shall not deprive a resident alien or an orphan of justice…Remember that you were a slave in Mitzraim (Egypt/Bondage) and the Lord
Your God redeemed you. Deut. 24:17-18

Helping people without strings attached like the “good Samaritan” in the name of it.

What love looks like in public.

Feeding the homeless. Helping the poor. Loving the unloved.

Protecting those that can’t protect themselves.

As simple as doing what’s right. Justice is justice and its waters flow clear through every heart.

God’s will being done in society.

Not doing your own thing...Doing what Gods word says! Following God’s rules creates freedom.

Not communism. Showing/living, being the love of God – Our responsibility!

Not judging by what you see.

Treating people right and kindly regardless of how they treat you.

Meeting people’s immediate needs first. Worry about eternity after we are sure they will be alive tomorrow. It’s time to be the body of Christ
and Love w/o agendas. Acts 29

Creation Festival - Mount Union, PA

Treating other people with the love and respect you went in return.

Proving your love to everyone. Even people you don’t know.

Reconnecting the disconnect between the way things are and how they should be.

 Handicap people are not low class citizens!

Justice is what love looks like in public!

I should treat others the way I want to be treated.

Showing love to everyone, everywhere regardless of who they are, what they believe, the cards they’ve been dealt, or the way they look!

Social Justice is God’s Love, His Everything. God sees and loves His people equally.

People everywhere having a chance to experience the comforts of life…food, shelter, clean water, love, safety…

Being God’s hands and feet in this world.

Availability of resources necessary to life for all.  We, as Christians, are the ones to lead the revolution.

Every person is valued, given an education, health care and clean water and food.

Clean water.

Ending slavery worldwide TODAY!

Realizing that we are one world and that we must care for each other to make it better.

Being fair to everyone in that community.

Bringing equality and love to those who are in need of love from Jesus.

1 Peter 4:10-11 Using the resources you’ve been blessed with to BLESS OTHERS.

Social justice to me is when the oppressed are given relief, the oppressors are punished and all are given a chance to work and live together peacefully.

Letting peace and love flourish throughout the lands.

Social justice to me is letting people live their life and having rights to live.

Showing love to everyone! Also befriending someone you would not normally talk to.

Remembering and applying Christ’s two greatest commandments in the Gospels. 1. Love God with all you got and
2. Love your neighbor as yourself – to every aspect of your life.

Living out God’s kingdom with every part of our lives.

Micah 6:8

Social Justice: Equal opportunities and fortune for as many people as possible. For those who have such benefits – they should help those in need. Everyone helping everyone else in order to achieve peace and equality world wide.

Not just responding to the symptoms but addressing the root causes.

Social justice to me isn’t always defined as “socially acceptable.” It’s part of a higher morality standard.

Social justice is realizing you could’ve been born into poverty just as easily.

Social justice to me is a rebirth of Christian principles in society. A purification in America’s youth.


I believe that social justice is when a person deserves to live their life as they please and be able to worship as we please under any way of our choosing. - Pell City, AL

Fighting for human rights. - Frankfort, KY

Helping Prevent Suicide. - Janesville, WI

Social Injustice is the enslavement and molestation of innocents. - Macomb, IL

Social justice is living to love everyone with the love of God. - State College, PA


Social justice is every living person being treated as a thing of great value....a creation of God the father! That all recieve the same care, love and respect from his/her fellow humans, without regard to age, gender, financial status, physical beauty, nationality, skin color, impairments or beliefs.
- Gail in Palm Bay, FL